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Things That Go Bump in the Night

Making a Will

Everybody needs a will! If a person dies without a Will, their assets are divided up according to a statutory formula. If you want a choice in what happens to your assets, you need to make one.
There are many ways to organise this – most of them simple!

  1. Contact your local AIDS Council for free legal assistance.
  2. Speak with any private lawyer/solicitor who will usually be able to prepare a Will for less than $100.
  3. Attend a local Community Legal Centre who will assist you for a small fee.
  4. The Public Trustee or State Trustee will prepare your Will for free as long as they are appointed as your Executor. They deduct fees from estates for carrying out the duties of the Executor.

Powers of Attorney

What are they?

There are three types of Power of Attorney:

  • A general power of attorney;
  • An enduring power of attorney;
  • An enduring power of attorney for medical treatment.

To ensure that any Power of Attorney is prepared and witnessed correctly it is best to follow the guidelines for advice and preparation given previously under the ‘Wills’ section of this document.

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