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It is with gratitude that Straight Arrows thanks the following organisations and people for providing information/text and expertise to us in our preparation of this kit:

  • AFAO – Aust. Federation of AIDS Organisations
  • AIDS Housing Action Group Vic. Inc Positive Women Victoria Inc.
  • The Alfred Hospital – ID
  • The Alfred Hospital – Access Information Centre
  • The Alfred Hospital – Dr Ann Mijch
  • Australasian Society for HIV Medicine
  • The Sanctuary – Sydney – Mac McMahon
  • Centrelink
  • Country AIDS Network Victoria
  • HALC (HIV/AIDS Legal Centre) (Vic.)
  • Life Line
  • National Association for loss & Grief (Vic.)
  • People Living With HIV/AIDS
  • Victorian AIDS Council
  • Victorian AIDS Council – Jim Arachne, Complementary Therapist Treatment Officer

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