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The Disclosure Project

Posted on Monday, February 08, 2016

The Disclosure Project is an online living book chronicling stories of HIV disclosure told by people within our community. Stories are shared through text, audio and video. The stories are as varied as the contributors. The context of disclosure may vary, disclosing HIV to friends, family, potential sexual partners or the wider community, yet each story is poignant, powerful and often affirming. Stories have been contributed by both men and women and people of all sexual orientations. Some touch on the particular difficulties faced by heterosexual men and women living with HIV and all are testament to the courage of people living with HIV in taking a leap of faith and disclosing their HIV status. 

If you have a story of HIV disclosure you would like to share the Disclosure Project would love to hear from you. They are particularly keen to represent the diversity of people living with HIV, in particular heterosexual men and women. You will be supported through the process to tell your story in a form that is right for you. Your participation will be treated confidentially and your story will only be used with your express consent.   

To Listen to the stories or for more information on how you can add your voice, go to www.disclosureproject.org.au