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AIDS 2014: Conference update

Posted on Monday, April 28, 2014

Volunteering at AIDS 2014

AIDS 2014 is expected to convene over 18,000 delegates from nearly 200 countries. Volunteers will support the running of the conference, greet delegates, help in the Global Village and perform many other crucial tasks. Apply online from 1 April. For further questions, email the AIDS 2014 Volunteer Department volunteers@AIDS2014.org 

International AIDS 2014 Candlelight Vigil

On Tuesday 22 July 2014, a large-scale Candlelight Vigil Memorial event will take place at Federation Square. Driven by Living Positive Victoria, diverse event sponsors, partners and supporters have come on board to participate in and guide the vigil's planning process. For a current prospectus for this event, including enquiries on organisational involvement/sponsorship, please contact Don Harris via email, or telephone at 03 9863 8733. 

AIDS 2014 Social Media
Stay connected with updates and news from the conference, using the following sites: 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/InternationalAIDSConference
Twitter: @AIDS_conference #AIDS2014
YouTube: www.youtube.com/iasaidsconference

Sector updates

Female Positive Speakers Needed

Becoming a positive speaker will provide both personal and professional skills that will translate across your whole of life and in turn help all of us challenge the stigma facing people living with HIV in the community. 
The Positive Speakers Bureau is seeking to recruit additional female speakers to ensure we equally reflect the experiences of women living with HIV. We are calling for expressions of interest from HIV-positive female speakers to enhance our program capacity and to ensure that a diversity of positive experiences are represented in the community. Contact the Positive Speakers Coordinator by calling 9863 8733 or via email.

ENUF Voices - 18-25 July 2014

An exhibition of stories and images to challenge HIV and promote resilience. Curated by Brenton Geyer, this compelling exhibition will be hosted at The Atrium (Federation Square). Please contact Suzy Malhotra via email for more information or if you wish to be involved. 

Share your story and make a difference
ENUF continues to challenge HIV related discrimination and stigma in the community and provides an opportunity for people living with HIV to share their experience. Our collective voices are what will help mobilise a social movement to reisit stigma within our communities. To share your story of HIV stigma or show your support visit our website www.enuf.org.au 

ENUF is Enough - 16-23 May 2014
Theatre performance presented by Company 2014 and 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year Production Students. Check out the Get Involved section for details.


Posted on Thursday, September 12, 2013

Plans for ICAAP are well under way. For those who don’t know ICAAP is The International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP) is the largest forum on HIV/AIDS in the region. Now in its 11th edition, this year's Congress is coming to the vibrant city of Bangkok in Thailand. 

See more at: www.icaap11.org 

The mobilising of women and advocacy platforms at ICAAP will be one of the mechanisms used to support the development of the framework for women participating and delivering at AIDS2014. 

There will be a range of workshops/consultations and community actions throughout the ICAAP conference including the Women’s networking Zone.

Please see some of the activities below that we would love you to get involved with:

1. The Women's Networking Zone's design has been accepted, with a mock-up of the vagina lip as its entrance. Inside, the ambience will be that if a bar/club. The organising group is working on the sessions that will be conducted.

2. We are organising a Virtual Participation of YKPs from 6-9 countries, with each country having 20 participants. There will definitely have a balance of female and male participants to highlight concerns of female YKPs.

3. Unzip the Lips, a movement to support KAWG in Asia-Pacific. Has submitted a proposal to UNAIDS  AP RST for a post-conference meeting. It has a v good chance of getting approved.

4. At the Village Cafe, GNP+, IHAA and  Stop AIDS will sponsor a session on Treatment as Prevention.

5. ICW & WAP+ No pants NO problem party: NO PANTS NO PROBLEM, the infamous Canadian underwear dance party, raises money for organizations who’s mandate is to advocate for HIV and sexual/gender rights.

6. ICW, WGNRR,WAP+, GCWA: Skills Building workshop Skills Sharing and Intergeneration Dialogue on linkages between SRHR, HIV/AIDS and the Human Rights framework

7. WNZ2014 Planning group with ATHENA,ICW,GCWA and WAP+ will be rolling out a survey on barriers to women’s participation at AIDS2014,this will also be available online.

8. WNZ 2014 outreach worker to convene in collaboration with ATHENA and WAP+ a planning meeting to consolidate action plans for AIDS2014.

9. WNZ 2014 outreach worker to liaise and network with young women to identify opportunities for participation at AIDS2014 including support for registration process, scholarship application process, visa applications, abstract drafting, and any questions related to participation at AIDS2014. ( potential to have a booth within WNZ ICAAP)

The WNZ2014 is in the process of building  a website with detailed information and access points. We will be in touch once that goes live.

If anyone has something to add to the ICAAP updates please send it through.

Warm Regards


Women’s Networking Zone 2014

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2013

July Update

The women’s networking zone (known as WNZ) will be a dynamic, fun, interactive informative, creative space for women to share their experiences, current work they are doing, ideas, and anything else at the international AIDS Conference 2014 in Melbourne.

Our Melbourne Planning group is slowly growing. In confidence, and numbers of women wanting to get involved with the WNZ. We have been having regular meetings with women from all walks of life, different organisations and different parts of the country.

We have established working groups (which will be the way women can get involved as we move forward). In the next update we will give you a breakdown of the working groups and ideas on how you might want to get involved. You are not limited to the working groups or ideas already formed, If you have an idea please come forth…you will be most welcome.

We recently moved a giant step forward with our global partners merging with the local planning group. We are now one big global force of individual women, organisations and networks.

On Monday the 8th July we held our first global meeting. Just organising this for the first time was a mammoth task, the group was too big for Skype so we bought in the services of a teleconferencing company (thank you to Straight Arrows Inc for facilitating and resourcing the first call).

Everyone was really excited, some meeting for the first time, others catching up with old friends. We had representation from five continents with women from key identified populations and our supporters sharing ideas getting to know each other.

Many women faced technical difficulties and dropped in and out of the call, this really highlighted how we need to be persistent and creative in the way we talk with our global partners to ensure we are all on the same page and that the WNZ is a truly a global space.

Some of the core group recently met with UNAIDS. It was suggested that UNAIDS Gender Equality and Diversity Division had a small budget to support preparing for the WNZ with a focus on young women. This proposal has been drafted and submitted with a budget that will run from August to December 2013. In discussions we were told there would be a new round of money available in January 2014 that we could apply for.

We have a permanent part time volunteer coming on board in July to support the Melbourne Planning group and a global outreach worker funded by ICW Global about to start work to support women around the world to get to the conference.

Our website will be up and running by the end of July so watch this space for updates and all things related to the WNZ 2014. Its whole heap of fun and a great way to meet new people…why don’t you join us?