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Straight Arrows and Living Positive Victoria are merging!

Posted on Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Joint statement from the Chair of Straight Arrows and the President of Living Positive Victoria.

After years of working together, Living Positive Victoria and Straight Arrows are pleased to announce the merging of the two organisations which will have a greater capacity to support all people living with HIV in Victoria.

Since 2014 March, the Strengthening Positive Voices (SPV) working group has met bi-weekly to explore the potential opportunities of merging of both organisations.

“The vision of Straight Arrows and Living Positive Victoria are intertwined,” says Jeffery Robertson, Chair of Straight Arrows. “Together, we can better allocate time and resources which will be put back into services and improving the lives of all our members.”

The vision is centred on expanding and enhancing the range of support services available to people living with HIV. The diversity of those living with HIV include heterosexual men, families and women which has been the focus of Straight Arrows since 1995.

“For Living Positive Victoria, this merger brings new skills, insight and lived experience that broadens our reach and enables us to better advocate and support the diversity of people as reflected in our membership,” says Richard Keane, President of Living Positive Victoria.

The SPV working group will be engaging in public consultation over the next few months to gather feedback as it finalises the legal requirements of the merge. This information will be shared on both organisations websites and open to public consultation from the end of March.

Members and the public are encouraged to watch for updates for public consultation forums on the Living Positive Victoria and Straight Arrows’ website and social media accounts.

For more information, including a list of frequently asked questions click here or visit livingpositivevictoria.org.au